Personalize Your Next Funeral Hearse With Custom Features

Personalize Your Next Funeral Hearse With Custom Features

Southwest Professional Vehicles offers a wide variety of customization options when choosing your next funeral vehicle. Whether our customers are looking to keep things simple or enhance the design with additional features, we take pride in the multiple options we can provide to make your next funeral vehicle stand out.

Strobe Lights

When driving your funeral car during a funeral procession, the vehicle should be clearly visible to others. Funeral escorts travel more slowly and strobe lights signal to other nearby motorists to proceed with caution. This increases the safety for your funeral vehicle and others in the procession.

Strobes can be installed in the grill, bumpers, along the windshield visor area, or under side view mirrors with colors ranging from clear, blue, amber and red. These strobe light options can be mixed and matched to fit the needs of your funeral home.

Retractable Urn Holders

The ability to provide urn transportation with elegance and grace is becoming more important for Funeral Homes to consider.  Many Funeral Homes want to use the Funeral Coach during a funeral service just as if it was a traditional burial.

We offer a retractable urn holder that can be built directly into your Funeral Coach. During transport, the urn rests safely in the compartment, which blends in seamlessly with the vehicle’s interior and operates fully electronically. This option meets the necessity of function paired with an innovative design.

Simulated Etching

When an onlooker sees a Funeral Coach on the road, there’s often no indication of which funeral home it belongs to. With our simulated etched glass, you can advertise your funeral home’s logo or other pertinent information on the side or rear glass on the vehicle, which helps it stand out from the crowd in a dignified manner. It provides the same quality and look of actual etched glass without putting any strain on the glass itself.

These are just three of the custom options that can be mixed and matched for your next funeral hearse. Southwest Professional Vehicles would be happy to help you customize your next funeral coach to perfectly reflect your business.