Southwest Professional Vehicles, Inc. is the preeminent supplier of new and reconditioned funeral vehicles in the United States.  With over 60 years of experience in professional vehicle restoration, the SPV Inc. team knows that attention to every detail is the key to ensuring that every used hearse for sale that is restored leaves in as good or better condition than when it left the showroom floor.


SPV also knows that being the preeminent supplier of new and used vehicles is a job that must extend beyond the service bays. Our employees are some of the industry’s most respected sales and service people and we go out of our way to ensure the customer's satisfaction in every facet of the business.  Our attention to details throughout is the hallmark of being one of the most respected businesses within the funeral industry.


When Southwest Professional Vehicles puts our name on a professional vehicle, we understand that we are partnering with the new owner as to the fit, finish, and functionality of our products.  Professional vehicle owners are busy people and the last thing you need is to have a vehicle that negatively affects the success of your business.  Just like our customers, Southwest Professional Vehicles has grown its business on good relations and recommendations from others.