Should Your Next Funeral Vehicle Be New or Used?

Should Your Next Funeral Vehicle Be New or Used

At Southwest Professional Vehicles, we believe in giving our customers a variety of options for choosing their next Funeral Vehicle. We know that Hearses will provide value to their owners whether they are brand new directly from the factory, or they have seen years of use by another funeral home.

That’s why we offer a wide variety of both new and used Hearses for sale to cater to the needs of our valued customers. Perhaps you haven’t decided yet whether you want a new or used Funeral Car. Here are some guidelines to help you determine what type of Hearse or Limousine might work best for your funeral home.

Advantages of Used Funeral Vehicles

Pre-owned Funeral Vehicles can be a very attractive option that can make your dollars go a long way. Not only are today’s Hearses and Limousines more reliable, they also have the added benefit of lighter usage vs. conventional pre-owned vehicles.

Funeral homes do not often put a lot of miles on their Funeral Vehicles in a short period of time, leading to less wear and tear. They are also most often very well taken care of as well, as they are professional vehicles.

When we receive a used Hearse or Limousine trade-in vehicle, Southwest Professional Vehicles takes pride in our 50+ years of experience in Funeral Vehicle restoration. In summary, used Funeral Cars are attractive, fully reconditioned, and a less expensive alternative to buying brand new.

Advantages of New Funeral Vehicles

Buying new Funeral Cars certainly has advantages as well. It’s hard to deny the appeal of customizing a brand new Funeral Vehicle for your funeral home. A new Hearse or Limousine will be impressive to the families you serve, conveying a modern, professional look for your business.

New Funeral Vehicles also have more modern amenities available. New Hearses, for example, offer more options such as retractable urn holders so you can use the Coach for cremation services. There are also a variety of new strobe light options to ensure the safety of your processions.

Despite the reliability and condition of used Hearses and Limousines, there’s a certain peace of mind that comes from purchasing a brand new vehicle with a full warranty. In summation, new Funeral Vehicles offer an attractive look to the families they serve, modern amenities, and the comfort of a full warranty.

We’re Here To Help

Whether you’re in the market for a new or used Funeral Vehicle, there are multiple advantages and options to consider. Southwest Professional Vehicles is here to help educate our customers and we stand behind all the vehicles that we sell, new or used. Give us a call at (913) 362-4390 and let us help you discover the best Funeral Vehicle for your budget.